A to Z Story – In A to Z Style!

This will be my third A To Z Challenge and I'm just as excited as I was when I signed up for the first time in 2011. I'm proud to be a volunteer on Team Ninja Minions this time round. Woo-hoo!


Now I know that there are lots of bloggers who are on the fence… not sure whether to sign up or not! indecision

For many people, the thought of posting every day for 26 days (minus Sundays) is a daunting prospect, and the reasons are varied. I appreciate the fact that life gets in the way and writing projects are top priority…

BUT – I urge you to take the plunge! It's not as scary as it seems. And there are a host of wonderful people who will assist with any queries.You are not alone. The A to Z Challenge blog has loads of information! The collective spirit generated by thousands of bloggers who are part of this challenge is inexplicable! (1084 bloggers have signed up thus far)

You simply HAVE to experience it…

Your life will never be the same… and here's the reason why!                                              

Arlee                            the

Brains behind              this

Creative cool challenge;

Demanding, dazzling yet different;

Entertaining and energizing every blogger,

For a period of 26 days,

Get ready for the ultimate blogging challenge.

Hype yourself – get into the swing of things.

Infectious atmosphere, incredible feeling, impossible to put into words.

Jubilation, an upbeat spirit prevails and spreads throughout the blogosphere.

Keep in contact – re-connect with bloggy buddies from last years challenge.

Love affair of an entirely different nature (lovestruck and confused? click here)

Midway – made it… the halfway point – not that bad after all, is it?

Natural situation that novices need help along the way – experienced bloggers nurture nervous newbies

Oodles of oomph required – old bloggers maintain an optimistic outlook or others may opt out

Phew! Pressure's on… big time. Plod along at your own pace. Perseverance needed. Push yourself forward.

Quirky, quaint and for some the "quintessential letter of dread"  – may cause bloggers to quiver and quake.

Revitalisation, rejuvenation, re-energising and recharging of dying batteries may be required at this point – remember you're not alone…

System overload… out of sync… saturation point almost reached… senses spinning as you struggle to sustain the systematic flow.

Thank goodness… can see the end in sight. The turbulent, tumultuous, torturous journey almost over! Almost time to say – toodles.

Unbelievable – the undeniable atmosphere of unity! Lots of bloggers upbeat – also a sense of urgency as the last five letters loom.

Va-va-voom!  Versatility and variation is the name of the game as the bloggers prepare for the end – full of verve and vigour.

What do I say now? Words fail me… sending  well-wishes to all bloggers participating – if you made it this far, three more posts…

X stands for x-ceptional, x-otic, x-factor, x-files, xtreme, x-hale, x-rated, xerox – the letter that most bloggers have a hard time getting to grips with.

You know that I've run out of things to say. Yes, enough yada-yada and blah-blah-blah… you'll understand when you get to the Y-post in April.

Zis is zee end. No more left. Zip… zilch… zero… and there is no way that I'm gonna make 26 words for the Z-post… I tried.


 I hope that you enjoyed my fun take on the A-Z challenge! (I posted this last year as my A to Z promo post, and decided to use it again!) enlightened

If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, I encourage you to do so… I promise that you will have the time of your life **cue opening lines of song from Dirty Dancing finale** and meet lots of awesome bloggers/writers! coolcoolcool

THE SIGN-UP LIST IS JUST A CLICK AWAY. GO HERE. You see? winkEasy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! yes




  1. Elise Fallson on March 16, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    So creative, loved this Michelle! I'm excited too, definitely a challenge every blogger should experience at least once. See you Monday for Alex's Top 10! (: 


  2. Donna Hole on March 16, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    It is an awesome venture, and I know it has helped many bloggers build a following and commit to the blogging experience. I won't be participating – I'm taking a blogging break instead – but not because of the posts. I just don't have the time to read that many blogs a day. I fall behind with normal blogfests.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


  3. Madeleine on March 16, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    LOL! Love this post. I signed up to the challenge a couple of years ago and while it was an amazing commitment for a month it was hugely enjoyable. Good luck!

    • Michelle Wallace on March 17, 2013 at 9:19 am

      @Elise ~ You're right. Every blogger should do at least one A to Z. It can be quite addictive though…

      @Donna ~ That's understandable. But we need as much support as possible, so perhaps you'll pop in from time to time… cheer us along from the sidelines…?

      @Madeleine ~ Thanks Madeleine! It is lots of fun too!

  4. Alex J. Cavanaugh on March 16, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Michelle, that is awesome!! How creative. I'm lucky to have you as one of my minions.

    See you Monday for the movie blogfest!

  5. Arlee Bird on March 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for the memories!  It's good to have bloggers like you behind A to Z.   I'll be linking to this on the A to Z Blog on March 19th.



  6. Carol Kilgore on March 16, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    This will be my first A-Z. I'm looking forward to it, but fear I won't be able to keep up with the comments. I'll give it my best shot!

  7. Medeia Sharif on March 17, 2013 at 12:36 am

    I look forward to it. I'm more prepared than I was last year. 

  8. Michelle Wallace on March 17, 2013 at 9:27 am

    @Alex ~ Thank you Alex. See you Monday!

    @Arlee ~ It's great to highlight these A to Z moments… thanks Arlee!

    @Carol ~ You'll be fine. I'm looking forward to your posts. 🙂

    @Medeia ~ I think that I'm also more prepared than last year. Preparation frees us up to enjoy more of the other aspects of the challenge, like networking, finding new blogs and meeting new bloggers.

  9. Rebeccah Giltrow on March 17, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Hello.  Just thought I'd stop by and give you a wave *wave* and wish you luck with this challenge.  This is my first time doing it and I'm getting pretty excited about it!


  10. Annalisa Crawford on March 17, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    I'm not taking part this year, I did it last year and enjoyed it very much, but I struggle to keep on top of my posts and visits as it is – and I'm trying to write a first draft. I'll be reading with interest though 🙂

  11. J.L. Campbell on March 17, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Hey, Michelle,

    We're on the same team. I have no doubt you'll enjoy the Challenge. Sounds like you're raring to go. 🙂

  12. Nas on March 17, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Loved the post, well done Michelle!

  13. Nancy LaRonda Johnson on March 18, 2013 at 2:13 am

    That was a pretty daring feat, as well as so colorful. 🙂

    • Michelle Wallace on March 18, 2013 at 2:40 pm

      @Rebeccah ~ Hi there *waving back* Good luck and enjoy the challenge!

      @Annalisa ~ Good luck with that first draft! A new project… sounds exciting!

      @Joy ~ Hey team mate! I'm raring to go! 🙂

      @Nas ~ Thank you Nas!

      @Nancy ~ I aimed for colourful persuasion? 🙂

  14. Adriana Dascalu on March 18, 2013 at 7:05 am

    great reasons to enter to A to Z. This is my first year to it, so it's exciting and interesting!

  15. Julie on March 18, 2013 at 8:24 am

    I remember when you posted this last year, and I loved seeing it again! Then I think I continued to tune in for each letter of the alphabet. I hope that I didn't miss any. Looking forward to another fun-filled challenge with you Michelle!

  16. Kimberly Gabriel on March 18, 2013 at 11:24 am

    So creative! I did sign up, but I'm very nervous about it. I've almost backed out several times now. Fingers crossed I survive it. I really like the badge and want to keep it on my page. 😉

  17. Nickie Anderson on March 18, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    I like the acrostic take on the A-Z challenge 🙂 I signed up for the challenge for the first time, so I'm starting to hyperventilate a little at this point. How are we half way through March? Who's idea was that? Time to go write a couple of those posts.

  18. Tyrean on March 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Great encouragement Michelle!

  19. Michelle Wallace on March 18, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    @Adriana ~ Good luck with the challenge! Hope you have a blast!

    @Julie ~ I'm looking forward to your entertaining style Julie!

    @Kimberly ~ You. CAN. Do. It. 🙂 Good luck! 🙂

    @Nickie ~ Start writing those posts now. That's the spirit! 🙂

    @Tyrean ~ Thanks Tyrean.

  20. David P. King on March 18, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I'll have to bookmark this as a reference, when I actually join this challenege of challenges. 🙂

  21. Julie Flanders on March 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    This is SO creative, Michelle!! And so true. I can't wait for the A-Z to start up again. 🙂

  22. Susanne Drazic on March 18, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Great post about the A-Z Challenge.  I participated last year and had a lot of fun.  I had planned on doing it this year, but I haven't been doing well with regular posts on either of my blogs, so I'm going to pass this year.  I will definitely visit blogs that are participating to show my support.  : )


    • Michelle Wallace on March 18, 2013 at 4:29 pm

      @David ~ Every blogger needs to do this challenge at least ONCE in his lifetime 🙂

      @Julie ~ I share those sentiments! I'm looking forward to 01st April. 🙂

      @Susanne ~ A show of support would be most welcome! Thank you! 🙂

  23. DL Hammons on March 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    This was awesome!!  A to Z is going to be so tremendous this year!! 🙂

  24. Mary on March 18, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Very imaginative, Michelle! This is my 3rd year, too. I thought about not doing it, but then went with joining up… it's a great way to meet knew people and get out of our ruts.

  25. Carrie Butler on March 19, 2013 at 5:25 am

    You are awesome! 🙂

  26. Vidya Sury on March 19, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Loved this, Michelle! 😀 And guess what? I am the 1084th sign up. Looking forward to April very much!

  27. Michelle Wallace on March 19, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    @DL ~ I'm really excited and looking forward to it 🙂

    @MPax ~ That's a great way of looking at it… getting out of our ruts! 🙂

    @Carrie ~ Thanks for the lovely compliment! 🙂

    @Vidya ~ Nice to meet you Vidya! Enjoy the challenge! 🙂

  28. Jocelyn Rish on March 20, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Fun tribute to the challenge!  I'm pretty sure we met through A to Z last year… or was it the Platform Building Campaign?  I can't remember, I'm just glad I met you and am looking forward to what you have in store for this time! 🙂

  29. Michelle Wallace on March 21, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Thanks Jocelyn. We meet during the A to Z last year! 🙂 🙂 I'll be popping in to your place sometime this weekend.

  30. Belinda Nicoll on March 23, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Hi Michelle, I’m stopping by to introduce myself and wish you luck with the A-Z Blog Challenge. I’ll be exploring CHANGE and SENSORY AWARENESS and how to implement these concepts in storytelling. This is in preparation of my creative writing guide (title and publication date TBA soon), which will offer a more comprehensive discussion on character transformation in relation to plot development. I look forward to our ongoing connection. -Belinda.

    • Michelle Wallace on March 23, 2013 at 3:21 pm

      Nice to meet you! 🙂 Good luck with the challenge!

  31. Eileen Ludwig on April 4, 2013 at 3:28 am

    Fun to see how creative you are in promoting the A to Z Challenge – I watched someone doing it last year and jumped in when it came along

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