Blogfest Day 23 ~ W is for Wordspy

I love words ! So I've decided to write a short fiction piece based on some of the words from Wordspy . I normally avoid first-person narration , but i'm going to give it a bash … check out the site at ~ it's loads of fun !!!!

So I guess the truth of the matter is , I come from one of those dysfunctional families . You know the ones that live on the wrong side of the tracks ? We are dependent on hand-outs and swedow and form part of the precariat which means we're often in danger of losing our humble abode that we call home . Added to this is the fact that we acquired our property through a mortgage mill which has since filed for bankruptcy . We are quite the assortment which includes cats , fish ,  birds and two Velcro dogs who we can ill afford to keep , what with the shortage of cash and such . We often resort to garden-to-fork eating habits when money is really low . My dad , a self-proclaimed Lycra lout and locapour , leaves for work at the crack of dawn , hoping to beat the traffic congestion , especially since he has been the recipient of bike lash (on more than one occasion) in recent weeks . This has resulted in psychological repercussions (though dad is not "all there" upstairs , never has been , never will be …) further aggravated by racial battle fatigue from work peers . Mum stresses him out further by calling him a workweek creep (to her benefit … what's with her …?) . She should be the last one to talk since she is in major retox and often gets her "mad spells" when she locks herself in her mom cave and sends baby brother for cheapuccino which is the only thing that can calm her . Dad says he needs a break , even if it's only a nanobreak , but mom says , over her dead body … At least they have resorted to civilogue , after 20 years of non-verbal communication !


    1. Tara Tyler on April 27, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      what crazy words! great job making a flowing story out of them!
      happy w day =)

      • mish on April 27, 2011 at 8:25 pm

        You should check out the site ~ there are new words coined every day and posted on Wordspy . I enjoyed playing around with the words !

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