Blogfest Day 24 ~ X is for X~Factor

What is the X – factor ? It's basically that mysterious , elusive , hard-to-pin-down , indefinable , unknown quantity/factor/variable . In mathematics , the X-factor is the unknown quantity/variable which only becomes known after following a presented process . In the showbiz/entertainment industry , it is that certain quality , such as a strong personality/unique sense of artistry , which promotes one candidate over another in the eyes of his critics/examiners . In the business world , it could be a significant amount of personal charisma or an air of ambition combined with sharp business acumen .

My interest in this concept is the following : are you born with the X-factor or can it be developed/manufactured ? Imagine if you could possess enough je ne sais quoi (literally translated "I do not know what") – that magnetism … charm … charisma to instantly draw people towards you ? Isn't this a powerful and seductive idea ? If the X-factor can be learned , then the key to unlimited influence on those around you would be to learn how to de-code your own X-Factor … an appealing idea … what do you think ?

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