Blogfest Day 25 ~ Y is for Yackety Yak …

Since I don't have anything "solid" for this post , it will be a real ramble , rant and rave . Here's some general info with regards to the letter Y .

~~ the letter Y is the 25th letter in the English alphabet ; the second to last letter followed only by the letter Z ; the 20th consonant .

~~ the letter Y is sometimes considered a vowel .

~~ sometimes the letter U can make the same sound as the letter Y (union , unicorn etc.)

~~ there are two letter Y tiles in the English version of the game of Scrabble ; the letter Y tiles are worth 4 points each .

~~ the letter Y has produced some interesting interjections which are understood around the world , such as yummy! yucky! yikes! yup! yay! yippee!

~~ the Y-Generation are born between the mid-1970's to 2000 ; they are also known as the Millennial Generation or the echo boomers .

~~ *yawn* ; *yawn* ; *yawn* indicates the end of my Y-post .

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