CHRIS & J.T. ~ Monday

Beginning today , and for the rest of this week , until Friday , I will give a daily account of a typical week in the life of these two oddballs !  

CHRIS : J.T. is sulking again (…almost guiltily ?)

ME : Oh , okay (this is nothing new , after all)

CHRIS : Says he hasn't seen me for almost 3 days …

ME : Then invite him for supper . Problem solved . End of story . We all happy ( thinking … it's as simple as that , dude !)

CHRIS : He just doesn't understand ! He can't go everywhere with me all the time !

ME : Invite him to the gig next week . He can be the roadie , help carry the heavy stuff .

Hubby glares at me . An are-you-out-of-your-mind look on his face .

CHRIS : Remember the last time ? You've forgotten already ?

I shrug my shoulders . I haven't the foggiest notion what he's on about .

ME : What happened ? (puzzled)

CHRIS : I carried most of the stuff . He was more in the way than anything .

ME : Oh,really ? (…at a loss for words … best stick to monosyllables… that clearly puts an end to my problem-solving attempt )

Hubby leaves to meet up with Joey . I look forward to the rest of my evening . It passes in pleasant solitude .


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