CHRIS & J.T. ~ Oddballs !?

My hubby , Chris , has 3 loves : Liverpool , music and horses . I'm not sure in which order . These 3 things make him a happy chappy . Bring a smile to his dial . Put a spring in his step .                                            And then there's Joey . Or J.T. as my hubby affectionately refers to him . What do I say about J.T. ? How does one describe him ? I'm not sure if there's a suitable description for J.T. Not certain if the vocab exists that will capture the essence of who Joey really is … but I'll try …

Joey is my hubby's bi-polar,diabetic,bald,thick-skinned,loose-lipped,witty,teetotaller,50-something-year-old sidekick . But what a guy !! With a heart of pure gold ! (underneath all the madness) . A sincere somebody . A true friend ~ there's nothing he wouldn't do for you .

They share this intense,unique,one-of-a-kind,love-hate relationships . Like a see-saw . It goes up and down , up and down . Come to think of it , more of a rollercoaster ! A never-ending cycle of constant bickering,ignoring,teasing,apologising,competing,nagging,making-up-again … a vicious cycle ! There's never a dull moment in the company of these two !

Beginning from next week Monday , and for the rest of the upcoming week , I will give a day-by-day account  , of a typical week in the life of these two oddballs !

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