CHRIS & J.T. ~ Tuesday

CHRIS : That's the third time J.T. sms'd me .

ME : Oh (here we go again). By the way , what about the Makro trip ? We need to go while the specials are on . I noticed that we're short of soap and toothpaste .

CHRIS : I mean , within the last 15 minutes . (he probably hasn't heard a word of what I said …)

ME : Is it ? (trying to appear interested) I suppose we could go to Makro on the weekend …

His phone beeps again . He ignores it . But only for a few minutes .

CHRIS : He needs to go to Spar . Probably needs dog food . I supposed I'd better take him . I won't be too long . Maybe we'll go to the Long Room afterwards , grab something cold to drink …

ME : Bye honey , have a good evening !

Hubby  leaves to meet Joey . The next few hours pass by , uneventfully …




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