Cuckoo Land ~ Part II

So this is how the story proceeded …

REWIND . Earlier on , in the tote .

CHRIS : Tell me , what are the odds on the favourite in the 5th race ?

JOEY : My back feels warm .

CHRIS : I asked you a question . What's wrong with you ?

JOEY : Eh ? (turns around , sort of confused) Are you – ahem – talking to me by any chance ? (pulling his face)

CHRIS : (Simply glares at him . Irritated )

JOEY : (Simply glares right back . Obviously enjoying himself . Immensely )

Chris ignores him . Takes his next bet . The race begins . As the race nears the end , Chris starts screaming . Cheering his horse on . His horse goes blazing through the finishing line .  Chris is ecstatic . Jumping up and down . Fists in the air .

JOEY : (sulking) See how you are ? Why you never told me ? You had a tip but you never told me .

CHRIS : You ignored me . Or have you forgotten ? When I asked you about the odds on the horse in the 5th race ? Remember ?

No Response .

A while later ………

JOEY : Mmmmmm . Backing winners (loudly) . A man is sitting here for so long . Dehydrated (volume of voice rising) . Can't even buy a man a cold drink and a packet of nuts (stroking his throat suggestively) .

Two guys at the next table turn to look . Amusement written all over their faces .

CHRIS : Oh , now I must buy you things ? What happened to all your smart-mouthed talks ? "When days are dark , friends are few ?" And what about you "smelling knives"? "Feeling a warmth in your back"? Smelling "backstabbers"?

JOEY : You know I'm bi-polar ….. (feeling sorry for himself)

Chris shakes his head . Thinking , what am I doing with a delinquent for a friend ?



  1. tara tyler on June 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    ok, i’ll wait for the punchline

    it’s confusing so far ~

    • mish on June 21, 2011 at 6:50 pm

      Sorry about the confusion ! I should have provided some sort of glossary since there is dialect/slang/colloquialisms !

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