Cuckoo Land ~ Part III

A short while later … Joey got his cooldrink and nuts . Chris got his Miller . Everything is hunky-dory . Back to normal (whatever that is ? …) Everybody's laughing . Loud as per normal …

JOEY : (out of the blue) What about those burgers , Chris ?

CHRIS : (under his breath) Here we go again …

JOEY : You know the ones your ma-in-law is bringing from the Burg ?

CHRIS : What about them , Joey ?

JOEY : We must put all the guys onto those burgers , it's a luck .

CHRIS : (looking at Joey , thinking , what is wrong with you ?)

JOEY : Don't worry guys , Chris knows the place . We gonna take a drive up to 'Maritzburg .

CHRIS : Whose car are you going with ?

JOEY : (rambling on , oblivious to the daggers being thrown at him) We"ll bring for all the guys . In a cooler box . Place your orders guys . Sort us out when we get back .

CHRIS : How're we getting there , Joey ? (talk about , if looks could kill !)

JOEY : What do you mean ? We can go on a race day – when there's a horse race meeting .

It seems to have slipped Joey's mind – he doesn't have a car .

CHRIS : But who said I wanna go there ?

JOEY : I just thought we'll go up on a race day .

CHRIS : (shaking his head) You just make plans . You never discuss anything with me . Inviting the whole world to place orders for the burgers . Telling people how lekker they are . You haven't even tasted the burgers yet !



  1. tara tyler on June 21, 2011 at 4:20 am

    cuckoo land indeed!

    • mish on June 21, 2011 at 6:51 pm

      Never a dull moment with these two ! They possess their own , special brand of “cuckoo-ness” ! LOL !

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