A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step …

At the end of January , I was privileged to be a guest blogger over at Aheila's The Writeaholic Blog . This was in celebration of the blog's first birthday , and both published and unpublished writer's were invited to participate . In case you didn't catch my post over at Aheila's blog , I've decided to include the post today .

I will start by stating that I'm a partially~technologically~challenged~writer~in~the~making (prefer to use that instead of "aspiring writer" , which is how lots of unpublished writers refer to themselves) . The "technologically~challenged" part is not an excuse , it's simply a fact of life ~ but that's an entirely separate story .


So , what is my story all about ? Where do I begin ?
Words … words … words … for me , it's all about words ! I simply LOVE words . I've always had a "thing" for words . And a thing for writing . As an avid reader (started reading at the tender age of five-and-a-half ) , I would read non-stop . Whenever I went MIA , you would know exactly where to locate me , sitting quietly in a hidden corner , head immersed in a novel !  As I entered into my early teens , it actually became worse , rivalled only by the demands of the high school work load .
 I love the written word in all its many and varied forms : stories , poems , quotes , haikus , slogans , adverts , reports , drabbles (new one for me , though …) I could go on and on … .I've always felt comfortable around words . Always felt this connection , sense of knowing and contentment .
I simply love the many facets of the written word : the ebb and flow … the push and pull … the literal and figurative … evocative and provocative … clarity and ambiguity … foreign and familiar … once again , I could go on and on … but back to the topic.
Words have a life of their own ! Words can elevate you to dizzy heights and then drop you to the depths of despair . Such is the power of words .
As my reading habits continued , my relationship with actual writing started off at a slower pace . In high school , I wrote the usual poetry , stories , songs that lots of high-schooler-wannabe-writers induge in . My true fictional debut , has been the weekly drabble challenge , which I thoroughly enjoy . I really look forward to this weekly fix , courtesy Aheila … merci beacoup ma'mselle .



What happened was , I decided that enough is enough ! I had to start structured writing , in some form . I stumbled upon the drabble challenge and voila !!! That was it !! I was HOOKED ! So , with my "literary chronometer" ticking furiously and feverishly for some time now , and in an effort to satisfy my "literary aspirations' and explore my "untapped literary potential" (whatever that may be) , I decided to start a blog . I've only been blogging from September 2010 , so I am clearly a newbie to all this blogosphere/ cyberspace- thingiemajigg .

With regards to the 3 questions :
1 . At what point did you begin actively working on becoming an author ?
I would have to say that it happened when I started the blog , as well as the drabble writing challenges . It served to structure my writing more and provide more direction .
2 . Where did you stand about one year after that moment ?
3 . How much had you accomplished ?
Well , since it has been only 4 months since I started blogging , that means I am talking about a 4-month time frame in which I have done the following :
~~ started blog (roughly 32 posts written , mainly non-fiction ; and 8 drabbles)
~~ at present , re-vamping blog and possibly changing over to wordpress
~~ joined Absolute Write in an effort to make contact with like-minded people and improve writing skills
~~ comment on other blogs in an effort to make contact with like-minded people and improve writing skills (have met wonderful , helpful writers who have really inspired me , thanks guys)
~~ participating in writing challenges offered by other bloggers
~~ in the planning stages of my first fictional piece (possibly a short story)
~~ investigating the writing of a longer story (note the word "investigating" …)
~~ in between all the above , trying to figure out which genre I belong to (suspect I MAY belong to the trans~genre group of writers , oh dear , do I need such a headache ?)
~~ in between all the above , hoping to find a writing buddy/mentor ?

So readers ,  there you have it ! This is only the beginning and I know I have a long way to go but I also know that there is a great online writing community out there .
Thanks to all of you who have taken some time out of your busy schedules to read my post .

 ~ MISH ~

You can check out Aheila's fabulous blog at http://www.thewriteaholicblog.wordpress.com  










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