To Swim Or Not To Swim ? Part II

Did I mention that the idea of keeping my head under the water was a terrifying one ? Yes , I think I did . Well , just a reminder … in case you forgot from yesterday's post … I was traumatized .

For me , that was a major hurdle . According to Popov , a great Russian sprint freestyle swimmer, (and may he rest in peace) : "The water is your friend . You don't have to fight with the water , just share the same spirit as the water , and it will help you move ." Okay , Mr. Popov . You say it's that simple ? Right . Easier said than done . Yeah , fat chance of it happening just like that …

But over time , I made progress … little steps … relaxed more … gained confidence … began to enjoy the water … almost embraced it … remembered Popov's words … the water is your friend … share the spirit … share the spirit … the water … your friend … the water … your friend … the words played over and over in my head , like a mantra …


And all went well until the day Madame Instructress dropped the bombshell !!

 LOG ON TOMORROW FOR THE FINAL PART !!                                                    


  1. Jes on May 30, 2011 at 3:27 am

    I'm such a water rat it's hard to imagine not swimming! (Granted, summers get awful around here and swimming is about the only surefire reprieve.)
    Congrats on meeting that milestone head-on! Wonder what Madame Instructress said…

    • mish on May 30, 2011 at 1:33 pm

      Gosh , I envy all you “water rats” … and you’ll have to check in for the final installment to find out what the Madame said !

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