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Is This The End ?

                                                               There's been some panic with regards to the 21st of May being the end of the world . So I'm just jumping on the end-of-the-world bandwagon as it rides along its bumpy winding road . I'm a little late in doing so , since today is said day . According to the prediction ,…

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Thoughts To Ponder …..

                                                               It's been 17 days since the A~Z Challenge . I was thinking that I haven't done a post mortem on my A~Z experience . I do know that it was a blast ! A whirlwind of posting and blog-hopping ! Awesome  experience ! And I got to post every day ! And I connected…

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Blogfest Day 21 ~ U is for Uttering and Muttering

                                                What do you think of when you see the following words ?      coffee & cream                               fluffy & popcorn black & dress                                              scent & vanilla   smokey & voice                                           technology & blues                                 glass &…

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